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Autor: Irene Tudero 5º B



I think that the other works are very good, but Many Thanks! for you have choose the mine ammong all works .
Write in Inglish is difficult for me.


Fecha: 10/11/2008 23:32.
Autor: Sergio


Very good English, Irene! You must be proud. Let me just remark a couple of little things:

1. ’for choosing mine among...’ or ’for having chosen mine among...’

2. ’Writing in English...’

Good work, anyway  Guiño

Fecha: 12/11/2008 21:46.

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Victor Benito anterior 6ºA -

Hi teacher,
How are things?
I like the secondary school.I like a song called Stop of Sam Brown.You can put the video this song.Laura(5ºA),she
likes also.
See you,